Faith and Desire

They say the sum of a group is greater than it's parts, and Faith & Desire is no exception. Combining the talents of former members from some of Canada's greatest contemporary groups, the result is a powerful musical unit with the flexibility and experience to entertain any audience. Including former members of Trooper, Strange Advance, The Northern Pikes and Rymes With Orange, this band is no newcomer to the stage or great music.

Faith & Desire was established in 1990 when singer and frontman, Gary Gillespie began looking for a new vehicle for his vocal talents. A singer since the age of 7, Gary was naturally gifted and singled out as the one with perfect pitch. This was the beginning of a very successful career, leading to many tours across Canada and his band Broken Toys winning a spot in the finals of CBC Television's Battle of the Bands. Later,settling in Vancouver, a mutual friend arranged a meeting with Ian Cameron, who was forming a new group after the disbanding of Strange Advance. A guitarist and classically trained violinist, Cameron was just what Gary was looking for. The two struck up a relationship that has seen them write, record and perform together through many years and an incredible array of situations. Not wanting to limit themselves or the opportunities to perform, the two decided that not only would Faith & Desire be an original band, they had much to offer as a cover project as well.

Enter into this equation a rhythm section comprised of former members of some of Canada's best known groups. Bassist, Timothy B Hewitt joined the group in 1998. At the time a member of Rymes With Orange and formerly of Trooper, Timothy has shared the stage with the likes of Loverboy, BTO, Three Dog Night and many others. Having recorded for various Canadian and European bands, he brings a wealth of experience to the project. Drummer, Douglas Lechinsky has toured extensively, through Canada as a member of The Northern Pikes as well as Asia and the Middle East. As the newest member, Doug has been providing the backbone for Faith & Desire's live shows for the past three years.

What are the results? Two CDs internationally released and uncountable gigs across North America. Dates as diverse as: Disney World Florida's Main Stage, an annual spot at Molson Indy Vancouver, LA's Whiskey A-Go-Go and opening for Richard Marx in Hawaii. Return annual events for:The Vancouver Club, Molson Breweries and Whistler / Blackcomb's Intrawest. Film and television appearances such as The Linda McCartney Story and musically backing up Jim Belushi. Literally hundreds of successful events for clients as varied as: law firms, movie wraps, conventions, private homes, business associations, fund raisers, sporting events, casinos, production companies... and the list continues to grow. Faith & Desire continues to be the hardest working and in demand band in Vancouver and beyond.