McRorie the One Man Band

McRorie One Man Band Electronic

McRorie (Stewart McRorie Tait), the one man musical phenomenon is the only person in the World that plays DRUMS, BASS and KEYBOARDS LIVE while singing. He does this totally wireless while standing up. Everything is LIVE. He has drum sensors on his feet which he plays a KICK, SNARE, HIGH HAT and CRASH.

On his waist he has 2 one of a kind ZB6 Keyboards made by Starlab which are a prototype designed as half KEYBOARD half GUITAR. There are only 4 of them in the world and McRorie has them all.

On his chest he has 4 electronic drums.

Near his shoulders he has electronic switches that activate his microphone to make his voice sound like a guitar or horn.

To top it off he has an amazing voice and he sings while playing everything. It gives a seasoned musical a headache to comprehend and watch.

McRorie toured with BECK as his opening BAND for a US tour. Beck's stage manager loved the fact that McRorie is completely wireless and self contained. He could perform as the opening act and then simply walk off stage and the main show is ready to go. No stage striking at all. Perfect for Festivals and Fairs in between main acts.

McRorie also has toured all over North America in a A room band circuit by himself.

He's talented, entertaining and has a monstrous list of songs that he can perform.