Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing presents a celebration of the best in British Pop music, with shows that characterize three of the top acts to emerge from the UK.

Liverpool Four needs no introduction, the Beatles probably had a more profound impact on pop music and culture than any other band in music's history. Their influence is still heard today and Liverpool Four is a spot on version of the early Beatles from the look to the sound.

Vagabond Heart is one of the most authentic Rod Stewart tributes you will ever see. From the stylish suits and signature stage moves, to a voice that's so close that you'll swear it's Rod himself, Vagabond Heart sets an entirely new high standard for Rod Stewart tributes.

Every bit as energetic and flamboyant as Sir Elton, Captain Fantastic is an exciting retrospective of one of the U.Ks most outrageous performers. The songs and the costumes along with the sheer energy will take you right back to the seventies when music was all about fun and going over the top.

In addition to the three great shows above, the multi-talented musicians of Atlantic Crossing also perform an opening set as Cease and Desist. With a massive repertoire of hit songs that cover more that five decades, this is the perfect warm up act.